We’ll help you maximise flexibility and minimise costs to get the most from AWS.

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Cloud migration doesn’t need to be complex…

It just needs to be right.
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AWS saves you money

You don’t have to buy expensive hardware AND you only pay for what you use at any moment in time.

AWS gives instant scalability

Double your server capacity in an instant. No need to buy kit or renegotiate contracts.

AWS lets your developers fly

Complex IT infrastructure can pop into existence simply by describing it in lines of code, in a developer’s interface. 

We help you get what you want from AWS

We are experts in getting your IT from wherever it is now, to an AWS-based system that is designed for your company’s use-case.

AWS is a game changer for many organisations. At last, there’s a major player allowing small- and medium-sized businesses to cut through the proverbial, and get straight to what they need, at a price they can actually afford.

As you’re probably aware, to get the benefits of Amazon Web Services, you’ll need to make the right choices, build the right foundations and choose the right services from the start. It’s great to bypass the more bloated parts of the channel IT industry, but Amazon won’t walk you through migration for free – the onus is on you to get it right and make it work.

This is where we come in. From proof-of-concept to full deployment, we make sure you get your migration right and ensure your company is in a better position once you’ve made the switch. 

Are you ready for AWS Migration?

Find out what it’ll take to get your company’s IT switched over to the cloud in our free guide: Are you ready for Cloud?
We cover: cost saving, scalability, security, DevOps, agile infrastructure, SLAs and in-house expertise. 

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AWS Migration: Where to start?

  • How much do you want to save?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Is what you have in mind even possible?

These are the kinds of questions you should be asking before committing to any migration plan. We’ve designed a Cloud Workshop to answer these questions, among others, and help you firm up a cloud migration strategy that’s right for the way you do business.

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