About Altocirrus

Our focus is entirely on Amazon AWS Cloud Computing. We help small to medium businesses move their IT to Amazon Web Services. We’ll provide advice and will write a plan that you can follow, or we can do the actual migration work for you.

We’re not a Cloud provider, nor are we a managed service provider – although we will offer ongoing support if you need it.

Once you’ve completed your AWS Cloud project, we expect you won’t need us anymore. So, a bit like AWS, you only pay us when you need us. There are no ongoing contracts ‘just in case’. We simply help you with the hard part and, because we help you get the migration right, you won’t need third party help once we’re done.

What do we mean by down-to-earth AWS Cloud Computing?

You might have noticed that there’s quite a lot of – how can we put it politely – vague statements written around the topic of Cloud. This seems to happen when the underlying technology is difficult to understand: a whole new language of buzzwords and stock phrases arises so people can talk confidently about the subject without really knowing much about what they’re trying to sell you.

We don’t do that.

It’s critical a move to AWS is approached correctly and that you understand it well enough to make the right decisions about your system. And the only way to understand something complex is to be given the facts in plain language that tells you what’s really going on. So that’s what we do.



Who’s behind Altocirrus?

Neil Beesley is Head of Architecture at Altocirrus.




Neil’s been building global-scale application hosting systems for over twenty years. In that time he’s worked with clients such as: Autotrader, ITV, Channel 4, Manchester United, Government departments and Trinity Mirror Group. Coming from the Managed Service Provider industry means he has a strong appreciation of SLAs, and fear of downtime penalties, and the architectural understanding to predict many potential failure scenarios and ensure system performance and uptime. Neil is AWS Certified – Professional Solutions Architect #1964 and Professional Devops Engineer #1094.

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If you’ve booked a workshop, it’ll probably be Neil who’ll be chairing it with you.

Susie Stevens is Head of Sales and Marketing.


Susie Stevens


Susie’s a marketing strategist. Her background is in science, but she switched over to the dark side early in her career and has worked in IT, manufacturing, engineering, energy, finance and professional services in a consultative role. Susie’s approach to sales and marketing is simple: always work with a good product. She now works full time for Altocirrus.