Altocirrus AWS Courses: Learn the Right Cloud Computing Approach for Your Business

Getting the cost and flexibility benefits from AWS relies heavily on selecting the best cloud computing strategy for your individual business. But – given that AWS offers 100s of ‘pick and mix’ services, which ones should you choose? And, without spending days researching mountains of technical information, where do you begin?

1-day AWS Course Overviews by Altocirrus

Our one-day overview training sessions are designed to help you see the big picture quickly, and get the information you need to identify the best AWS strategy for your business.

Detailed, specific and delivered by our AWS solutions architect, we have two training courses: one for business leaders and managers, and one for technicians:

Business Leader and Manager Overview Course

Who it’s for: CEOs, CIOs and IT Managers who want a level of detail beyond the headline benefits of cloud computing.

What it covers: You’ll get a non-technical high level grounding in what you can buy, what it gets you, how you pay for the various options and how you can expect your overall IT operating costs to change afterwards.

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IT Technician Overview Course

Who’s it for:  IT Technicians who are currently responsible for non-Cloud IT infrastructure, architecture and on-going support.

What it covers: How on-premises systems are architected on AWS. The strengths and weaknesses of the Cloud and what changes to expect in both the infrastructure and your approach to architecting and supporting it.

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