Altocirrus Cloud Workshop: Get AWS best practice designed in at the start.

The reason AWS is so powerful is that it can be configured however you want. There are over 80 separate services covering computing, storage, database, networking, security, analytics, application and deployment services, which often overlap – meaning many ways to achieve exactly the same thing, but with different expertise, performance or economy sweet-spots.

Basically, there are zillions of ways of setting up AWS for your systems. Some ideal, some OK and some leaving you open to problems later on, such as spiralling costs or poor fault-tolerance. The time to decide on the best way to map your IT infrastructure onto Cloud and decide the technical specifics is BEFORE you begin deployment – not during, and certainly not after everything’s been deployed.

Man giving workshop on AWS best practice

The Altocirrus Cloud workshop is half a day of intensive discussion and a deep dive into your IT operation to create an overarching roadmap that gives you the best possible outcome with Cloud. With this guide in your hands, you can begin your cloud deployment knowing exactly which direction you’re headed.

The workshop gives you (and the rest of your team) the opportunity to thrash out ideas with us – as AWS experts – seeing what’s possible and to learn what you can realistically achieve with the changes you are prepared to take.

You’ll get:

  • A deeper understanding of AWS and the opportunities it can bring to your business.
  • Potential areas / configuration you must avoid to save costly and embarrassing mistakes.
  • Uncover areas of possible conflict / differences of opinion that have the potential to either stop migration or result in a compromise that might not work in the long-term. Better to thrash it out now than in the middle of a time-sensitive migration project.
  • Sketch out a top level roadmap / spec that will show the ‘shape’ of your cloud configuration which includes all critical areas.

The Cloud Migration Report

After the workshop you’ll receive The Cloud Migration Roadmap: A report detailing the approach you should take given your current situation and business goals.You’ll be given two or three options based around scope and cost. The report will give you the cloud migration strategy for your company. It’s our recommendation for the individual AWS options that give you the best outcome based on three points:

  1. What you have now and how it’s being used.
  2. Your preferences and priorities
  3. How much change you’re prepared to accept

The roadmap is your guide. With it, all questions are answered and you’ll know that the specification you’re working towards won’t leave you open to security threats, unplanned costs or unsuitable infrastructure. Instead, you’ll be able to proceed with your AWS project knowing how everything is likely to work. This means you can:

  • Give training, if required.
  • Plan the migration at the best time because you’ll know how long it’ll take.
  • Resolve any potential internal conflicts or personnel issues ahead of time.
  • Notify 3rd party providers of any changes or terminate contracts with plenty of notice.

And – probably one of the most critical and overlooked aspects…
You can prepare everyone for the change ahead. You can be specific when they ask questions, demonstrating the process is well under control and explain how everything will work once the deployment is done.

How to book…

The workshop plus the report costs only £750 + VAT and we’ll come to you – all you need is knowledge of your existing IT, users and your own aspirations from moving to the Cloud. It takes about half a day of detailed discussion and analysis to clarify your own view of the Cloud and how it can work for your IT.

To book the workshop and plan for a successful AWS Cloud migration:

Call: 01865 582583